Thursday, January 17, 2008

Aphasia, Apraxia and Scotoma

In a recent posting in the migraine community, someone discussed experiencing Aphasia and Apraxia during migraines. I experience those during most moderate to severe migraines, as well as sensitivity to light and sound (in general I always have a low tolerance to light and sound), along with the normal pain, etc, etc. . I feel like the pain with migraines is the easiest to deal with. But not being able to "find words" in your brain and communicate like normal or pronounce words correctly etc. is devastating. I can often not do a simple addition problem during an attack. The sensitivity to light is a very tough one too because the light is blinding and your vision can literally change. The difference between a migraine and a normal headache is a migraine is absolutely debilitating and really is not so much about the overall pain, but is more like a mini stroke. Also, it can be life threatening when you look at the link between stroke and migraine. From what I have seen, even some cardiologists sometimes have a difficult time differentiating between a TIA and a bad migraine.

I also included the link for Scotoma, also discussed in the posting. That is basically a visual aura, as I discussed in my previous posting. My earliest visual aura that I remember was age 10.